Covid -19: Relief items provided for the Needy

Some organizations have distinguished themselves by lending helping hands to the needy while the pandemic lingers
Inner-city missions of Christ embassy isn’t left out, the organization has provided emergency relief food items to the needy via the global food drive.
In a letter sent out by the organization further buttresses this.

Dear Friends and Partners,

In challenging times like this, we are more concerned about indigent children who live in remote and densely populated areas where there is limited access to food and good health care infrastructure because many may have to travel far distances to get medical aid and support. Nothing is more important than ensuring that children are safe even as the world fights against COVID-19, especially indigent and vulnerable kids.

We have been closely monitoring COVID-19 and have been proactive in reducing just how many children and families should go hungry in isolation through our ongoing GLOBAL FOOD DRIVE and we are glad for your tremendous participation thus far.

As we look forward to the days ahead with hope and confidence, we will move to the next phase of our Global Food Drive distribution across the world, where emergency food items and the provision of portable hand washing kits through our #cleanhandshealthyhands initiative, are shared to orphanages, IDP camps, shelters for the homeless and the slums of our communities where there are poor children and families. We are counting on you to join forces with us to ensure we reach many more hungry children at this time.

Also, we invite you to participate in the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn as we intercede for the nations of the world. This is an online event and you can log on to​ to be a part of it on Friday the 27th of March. 2020 by 2pm EST or 7pm GMT+1

While we are also providing emergency relief food items for the needy through the Global Food Drive, we would like all our donors, volunteers and partners to take necessary precautions as the government of your country stipulates. Where you may have restrictions as regards to movement, you may still provide emergency food relief for the needy by making a donation on the website at or set up an online fundraiser where you and your friends can raise funds to benefit needy children and their families. Kindly log on to

As the world fights the scourge of COVID-19, We encourage you to keep safe and do not ignore needy children at this time.

Thank You and God Bless You!

The InnerCity Mission For Children”

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