Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny hosted a global day of prayer : Declares Covid-19 dead

Over 3 billion participants from around the world, rejoice exceedingly at the declaration after sessions of fervent prayers.
The Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn, which was held on Friday, March 27th, recorded a staggering live participation of over 3 billion people from around the world. The global audience watched the live broadcast via several satellite/terrestrial TV stations, radio stations and various internet platforms. It was a historic event, uniting the body of Christ in prayer against demonic activities ravaging the nations of the world. It is probably the largest online prayer program ever held.

Pastor Chris, Pastor Benny Hinn and other ministers of the Gospel led the congregation in fervent prayers to put a stop to the Coronavirus pandemic. Pastor Chris, Pastor Benny Hinn, and Bishop Clarence McClendon, also took out time to exhort God’s people, opening their understanding to the peculiarity of the times and the spiritual import of the current happenings in the world today. God’s people were encouraged not to entertain fear but to stand in the gap for the rest of the world as the church is the restraining force against evil in the world.

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